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Invest in co-operation

Dragons aims to raise £12,000 loanstock by the end of 2020. £3,000 to replace an existing investor and £9,000 new loanstock, offered at 2-4% to invest in essential roof improvements to the house. As custodians of a 400 year old … Continue reading

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Investing in co-operatives – a very sound investment

There is such a thing as loanstock. Many fully mutual housing co–ops raise part of their capital by offering out loanstock to investors, a low interest investment secured against the value of the house. It is a bricks and mortar … Continue reading

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Celebrating 25 years of co-operation, Chickenshack

In the early 90’s I was living in Zimbabwe along with my friend Sue, we were studying and working in permaculture and setting the course for a life we hoped to live. I had ran away from UK to Africa … Continue reading

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Mondragon Cyrmu – a vision for the post carbon world

The invitation letter is Above Sorry for so many words, I think there is much at stake and therefore we need to think this through in advance. This is a time for big ambition and long term thinking as the … Continue reading

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Walk at Pen y garnedd

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Meetings 2020

Four quarterly meetings for 2020 including the next AGM which will be the June meeting. Co-op members will arrange interim meetings as required to develop the agenda items and proposals . It has been agreed that for better planning we … Continue reading

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Dragons 2020

Apologies It has been an intense period of change at Dragons in 2019, whilst at the same time the co-op is finding its feet, its stability and its purpose. During this period of change Dragons has been in breech of … Continue reading

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Small and Slow Solutions

Tackling the ecological crisis entails empowering and educating especially the younger generations to make meaningful responses. If we can only unleash the collective creativity of a great many people then the changes required can come quickly. This is the minimum … Continue reading

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Eco friendly update @ Dragons Shop

As promised in last month’s Chronicle, we are now trialling the supply of washing up and laundry liquids to customers who re-use their own containers. Dragons is eager to promote the reduction of single use plastic containers which is a … Continue reading

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Dragons 2019

Dragons is a thriving yet small housing co-op, with three members, 2 cats and 2 enterprises under one roof. We are a home, a business and a hub for a march larger community. Situated in the Tanat and Cain valley … Continue reading

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