Invest in a co-operative future with 4% returns

Investment opportunity: Dragons co-operative is offering up to £12,000 loanstock investment at 4% interest per annum.

Housing co-operatives such as Dragons are often at least part funded with loanstock, a relatively low-interest loan secured against a property and paid annually from rental income.

This opportunity has come about as two of our initial investors who supported our launch in 2015 with short-term loans are now looking for new investors to replace them.

Loanstock is a widely recognised and secure method of targeting investment towards social enterprises. It does it in a way that bi-passes banks and mainstream financial institutions that increasingly don’t represent the interests of either investors or borrowers.

Here at Dragons we are passionate about the possibilities of community led initiatives, tenant managed housing and other forms of local enterprise. As well as providing tenant managed housing in rural Wales we support other groups to form new co-ops and enterprises and support local artisans and artists via our retail outlet in Llanrhaeadr.

All investments are supported by official paperwork provided by Catalyst Collective and Radical Routes.

Dragons Co-operative have 21 years experience in the housing co-operative sector.

Please contact us directly for more information if you are interested.

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Shop stories: Behind the products

Semi precious stones from Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka

Rose quartz crystals at Dragons co-op

Rose quartz crystals at Dragons co-op

This collection of crystals, semi precious stones and minerals came to us from a dear friend, healer and inspiration: Peter Hough.

Peter was born In Zimbabwe and lived in Africa and UK for much of his life, he practiced as an energy healer for many years, helping a great many people in that time.

Peter died in a house fire, along with his brother Kevin 6 years ago in South Africa. Peter’s brother Kevin, who perished with him was a leading artist in Zimbabwe and via his mutual friend Graham Metlerkamp, Kevin was the person who first introduced me to permaculture.

These stones are part of Peter’s legacy, I held onto them for many years, whilst wondering what I could best do with them, in keeping as to how they had come to me.

Peter saw these stones as a symbolic connection to the powerful forces that shaped our world and the energies that shape our lives. He used them to aide visualizations and meditations on energy and healing, maybe you just see them as pretty, maybe one stands out for you, or represents something completely different to what Peter saw, no matter, they find themselves here as a result of a long series of co-incidences and whatever they mean to you, the series of synchronicity and hap hazard events continues with you reading this notice! Enjoy.

Make us an offer!

Prices are flexible, we want these stones to find their right homes and at the same time we want to generate revenue to support Dragons in their work to spread co-operatives and permaculture in Wales and Africa, so please pay what to you feels a fair price, ours are only guidelines.

Steven Jones


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Mobius Loop in Llanrhaeadr on Friday

Celebrating the autumn PDC in Llanrhaeadr we have invited Mobius Loop to come and play for us. We are so pleased to have them here, not least because it completes an amazing circle for us at Dragons, as we celebrate our first year as a new co-opertive, Mobius now live at Chickenshack, the housing co-op I was invovled in starting 21 years ago and where we began teaching permaculture design 11 years ago.

Please come and join us, £5 on the door.

Please come and join us, £5 on the door.

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Dragons is one year old


Dragons first year of co-operation. A view from the shop shelf.

We are pleased to reach our first birthday, we know it is early days but we are delighted to be completing our first year operations very close to our original business plan. In fact we are performing slightly better than hoped, it has been a momentous few months and things are finally starting to settle down here.

The shop opened in September and although we have had no capital to invest in it, the venture has been successful thus far, attracting 40 different artists and crafters and with much more potential to explore. The studio room above the shop remains under-used as it needs to be insulated and uncluttered but our next aim is to develop the space as a gallery and teaching area as well as expanding space for cafe visitors. We have held our first courses and craft events here and are currnetly planning for a full PDC here in Llanrhaeadr in Spetember.  We have also established a small front garden, helped on the allotments and hopefully made lots of new links and friends across the communty here.

The hardest challenge sometimes is to keep the balance right between the private house and the busy shop space and we are learning about the limitations as we go forward. We are about to be joined by a new member and have agreed to take on a 9 month volunteer as well, so expect much more from us in the near future!

celebrating our first year of co-operatve in Llanrhaeadr

Celebrating our first year of co-operation,  Llanrhaeadr Ym Mochnant


Spend a weekend with us in August, exploring the possibilites and potentials of permaculture design

Full Permaculture Design Course in Llanrhaeadr this September

Full Permaculture Design Course in Llanrhaeadr this September

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Fresh local veg boxes, chemical free and grown with love!

We can supply wonderful fresh veg from our partners in Glynceiriog. Limited numbers only and prebooking required, easily picked up freshly picked from the Dragons shop on Tuesday evening. Prices vary week on week, but you are are guarenteed a selection of seasonal frsh veg each week at approx £8. We also supply salad bags. More details to follow, please jsut ask if you are in Llanrhaeadr araa and area interested.

Seasonal veg boxes

Seasonal veg boxes and salad bags

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New member recruitment

owenWe have had a steady stream of interest from the Diggers and Dreamers advert we posted and have now selected a potential new member for the co-operative.

Thanks for the interest, this has made us a think a lot. There are not enough opportunities such as the one we are offering, and co-ops and interested parties should work together to create more.We are een to hear form people wanting to join or start new co-operatives and aim to help people achieve this as nest we can,

There has been much learning since we started our first co-op 21 years ago and here at  Dragons we are keen to share that learning and to reach out to other interested people.

  • We are happy to offer free introductory talks and answer questions to people interested in starting their own co-ops.
  • Beyond that we can help write business plans, help with rules, registrations and can chair and facilitate meetings for your group.
  • We offer training and consultation in permaculture design, group work and consensus decision-making at competitive and affordable rates.
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Sharpen your On-line skills, Monday sessions at Dragons.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning how to run your own website, blog facebook page or twitter account.

People regularly ask us about these and related skills therefoe in response we are offering a series of workshops on Monday afternoons during July.

dragons sessions

Internet and web skills training

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Job opportunity at Garth Organic

Job opportunity Gly Ceiriog at Garth Organic Garden

Job opportunity Glyn Ceiriog at Garth Organic Garden, click image for link

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Housing co-operative seeks new key member

Amazing chance for the right person!

Live in Llanrhaeadr Ym Mochnant as part of a lively and busy housing co-operative and enterprise.

£350 pcm, + share of electric bill.
(Includes council tax, water, internet)

You must have:

  1. Commitment to and enthusiasm for co-operative principles and working practices
  2. Understanding and interest in permaculture design principles and process as well as a commitment to its ethics.
  3. Want to contribute to a new vibrant enterprise, retail of crafts and local produce, fair trade goods, internet café and (proposed) sub post office
  4. Have a minimum of 4 hours per week to dedicate to co-op work and management

Keen gardeners welcome, we share a small allotment plus have a small front garden for veg and fruit-growing. We also participate in community growing projects.

You will get:

  • Assured tenancy and occupancy agreement
  • Own private bedroom, sitting room/ office
  • plus share of kitchen, bathroom and living room with one other member.
  • A chance to play an active role in managing and developing the co-operative


The Co-op is governed by its three core members via quarterly business (Directors) meetings which you are obliged to attend, and occasional management meetings as directed.

No deposit required, rent is paid up to 30 days in arrears maximum.

No investment required, although we offer up to 3.5% on loanstock investments, and we are currently seeking investment of up to £15,000 for planned improvements during July.

Would suit

  • A part-time or retired person, someone looking for active involvement in such a project and who has some spare time available.
  • Younger person or couple seeking first hand experience in co-operatives and community development with time and energy to give.
  • We would hope anyone considering applying is planning to stay a minimum of a couple of years, or longer.

Contact or call 0771 981 8959

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Permaculture Kenya Support

I am building a Go Fund ME campaign for Paul form Kenya who hopes to come to UK the study for his permaculture diploma this September. He will be coming to Llanrhaeadr and working with the team here are Dragons co-operative.

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