Participating in change

Saving the planet is not a spectator sport – it requires us all to take part!

One School One Planet – Phase Two

The OSOP project is based in the Dragons co-operative office  working to help prepare the community for the seismic changes that are coming our way. Breaking these down into themes of food, community, economics, transport and energy.. permaculture is the tool we have to build resilience and prepare for change.

Please come along to any of these free events to find out more.

The crisis deepens – US author JH Kunstler calls it ‘the long emergency’ for that is surely what it is. Climate change, accelerating resource depletion and mass species extinction underpin what we are experiencing as economic collapse; but really it is an ecological collapse.

portugal fire

Climate change brings droughts, unseasonal rain and extra ordinary destruction. Poor land management makes this problems worse, we must plan for change.

A certain kind of short-sightedness seems to have paralyzed humanity from grasping the obvious nettle, we need new economic paradigms that embrace the realities of planet and ecology and we need them fast!

As one of the Challenger astronauts put it so succinctly

“We need to realise we are a single species, sharing the same ecosystem and that we have a common destiny”

The One School One Planet project has been active since September 2016 and seeks to address these huge issues, over the last year and a half we have been working on the creation of a Permaculture program tailored for use in Secondary Schools.

world bridge flier sector39

Wales – Africa fundraiser in support of permaculture education. Sector39 work with Ugandan partners offering permaculture training and support.

As a design approach rooted in systems thinking, Permaculture naturally incorporates a broad range of perspectives and as such our program is cross-curricular, incorporating elements of ecology, biology, chemistry and physics, as well as sustainable development, alternative farming techniques and economics.

The process of writing the program is informed by our work with several different classes and subject areas at Llanfyllin High School, which further re-enforces the cross-curricular nature of what we are trying to achieve.


Orchard, willow coppice and much more is planned at Cae Bodfach

Orchard, willow coppice and much more is planned at Cae Bodfach

To date we have worked with GCSE photography students to create memes communicating our relationship to natural systems, with GCSE Land Based Studies students to design and plant tree guilds at the Cae Bodfach Community Orchard, and with a top-set Welsh Baccalaureate class to trial the first five classroom based units of our course. The outputs from our work with students at Llanfyllin High School have been incredible, and we look forward to continuing to work with the school as we move into our second year, and the second phase of our project.

As we move into Phase Two, we are planning a host of activities in Llanfyllin to encourage the local community to think differently about our roles and responsibilities as members of a global ecosystem. The first event will be a public Wassail on 21st January, down at the Cae Bodfach Orchard, to nurture a relationship between the community and the orchard.

We are also planning a number of public talks and film screenings around important issues such as transport, food security, local economies and crypto-currencies – all of which will be key concerns as we move towards a carbon negative future.

Here is the provisional timetable so far.. expect updates.. Updates at One School One Planet


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Loanstock Offer

ls1Many housing cop-ops are funded by low interest loans secured against the value of the property. This is a more flexible and affordable way to fund housing than directly via mortgages and allows the creation of affordable and much more sustainable housing models. This is a great investment opportunity with many knock effects creating positive social and environmental outcomes.

Dragons co-op is committed to permaculture and fair trade and works towards stronger local communities and economies.

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Its dividend time – loanstock interest has been paid

Dragons loanstock investers of 2 years ago are about to receive their interest payments this week! As Dragons enters its third year of trading it is hard to believe so much time has flown by already!

Our co-operative funded the purchase of its first property by raising inestment from individuals as loanstock at 4% interest. We pay out interest annually at this time of year from income raised from rent from the shop, office and the co-op tenants.

We also have a mortgange from Triodos bak for the majority but the loanstock is a cheaper and more flexible loan for the coop, allowing us to keep rents lower and more affordable. ritically as well we were required to raise 30% of the value of the property in this form to eenable to raise the mortgage, so this has been essential for the co-ops development.

Its a secure investment at a really great return that creates new opportunites in the community. What is there not to like about that? Dragons enters its third year with a clear sense of the challlenges and opportunities before us whilst also growing in confidence with the foundation of our first two years of trading eastablished.

Please get in touch with us if you interested in investing, we currently have £5,000 of investment available via our buy back scheme.



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Permaculture at the Cathedral

Permaculture design is the tool that can help lead the way from climate chaos and economic mayhem. The secret to solving big problems is to start small and present solutions that can easily be replicated. Its seems like a perfect setting explore these powerful ideas at the cathedral at the heart of regional history since Roman times.

This course is offered in partnership between Sector39 and the Cathedral educational team and is spread of a series of Wednesday evening. bookings are via the Cathedral who can be reached via the form on this page.

Catch us in the Dragons shop if you would like to talk to us about this, Sector39 are based in the office above the shop .

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Thursday evening talks at Dragons Gallery

The first Thursday session will be slides and chat about our recent PDC in Kamuli Uganda and the plans for the next one. I hope to have time to intorduce people to teh One School One Planet Project to whet the appetite for the second talk which will focus on the schools project work.

event Llanrhaeadr

Events at Dragons gallery


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Workshops and events at Dragons this Winter/ Spring

Craft workshops are £15.00, limited places,  a £5 deposit will reserve your place.

12.30 – 3.30 pm. Refreshements provided

Please call 01691 780180 to book a place

or drop into Dragons shop, open Thursday – Sunday

  • 24th Feb: Peg loom workshop
  • 3rd March: Beginners crochet
  • 10th March: Beginners weaving
  • 17th March: Needlefelt for beginners
  • 24th: Introduction to knitting
  • 31st march  Machine knitting for beginners

Spinning group – regular sessions on Tuesday evenings 7 – 9 pm @dragons

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Dragons shop rcently opened the upstairs space as a gallery and meeting space, with a stunning selection of local artists’ work. Here is a flavour.

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Hippy the Happy Hippopotamus

Hippy is full of delighful, pleasing illustrations

Hippy is full of delightful, pleasing illustrations

Just in, we finally have copies available of the award-winning Hippy the Happy Hippopotamus at Dragons shop. The brainchild of Professor Chris Rhodes and illustrated by Jeanette Cole this lovely children’s story book is the first of a series following Hippy and his family’s adventures. The books and characters embody the principles of co-operation and explore relationships through a series of simple and fun stories. Chris lectures across the UK on subjects such as peak oil, climate change and permaculture but decided a few years back that perhaps his greatest potential contribution to a better world was by inspiring future generations to have a more positive and inclusive outlook.

The Author is a personal friend of ours and Dragons shop is thrilled to be able to stock this book and feel it will make an ideal present for that small person in you life!

RRP £7.99  Available at Dragons shop, Llanrhaeadr Ym Mochnant.

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Invest in a co-operative future with 4% returns

Investment opportunity: Dragons co-operative is offering up to £12,000 loanstock investment at 4% interest per annum.

Housing co-operatives such as Dragons are often at least part funded with loanstock, a relatively low-interest loan secured against a property and paid annually from rental income.

This opportunity has come about as two of our initial investors who supported our launch in 2015 with short-term loans are now looking for new investors to replace them.

Loanstock is a widely recognised and secure method of targeting investment towards social enterprises. It does it in a way that bi-passes banks and mainstream financial institutions that increasingly don’t represent the interests of either investors or borrowers.

Here at Dragons we are passionate about the possibilities of community led initiatives, tenant managed housing and other forms of local enterprise. As well as providing tenant managed housing in rural Wales we support other groups to form new co-ops and enterprises and support local artisans and artists via our retail outlet in Llanrhaeadr.

All investments are supported by official paperwork provided by Catalyst Collective and Radical Routes.

Dragons Co-operative have 21 years experience in the housing co-operative sector.

Please contact us directly for more information if you are interested.

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Shop stories: Behind the products

Semi precious stones from Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka

Rose quartz crystals at Dragons co-op

Rose quartz crystals at Dragons co-op

This collection of crystals, semi precious stones and minerals came to us from a dear friend, healer and inspiration: Peter Hough.

Peter was born In Zimbabwe and lived in Africa and UK for much of his life, he practiced as an energy healer for many years, helping a great many people in that time.

Peter died in a house fire, along with his brother Kevin 6 years ago in South Africa. Peter’s brother Kevin, who perished with him was a leading artist in Zimbabwe and via his mutual friend Graham Metlerkamp, Kevin was the person who first introduced me to permaculture.

These stones are part of Peter’s legacy, I held onto them for many years, whilst wondering what I could best do with them, in keeping as to how they had come to me.

Peter saw these stones as a symbolic connection to the powerful forces that shaped our world and the energies that shape our lives. He used them to aide visualizations and meditations on energy and healing, maybe you just see them as pretty, maybe one stands out for you, or represents something completely different to what Peter saw, no matter, they find themselves here as a result of a long series of co-incidences and whatever they mean to you, the series of synchronicity and hap hazard events continues with you reading this notice! Enjoy.

Make us an offer!

Prices are flexible, we want these stones to find their right homes and at the same time we want to generate revenue to support Dragons in their work to spread co-operatives and permaculture in Wales and Africa, so please pay what to you feels a fair price, ours are only guidelines.

Steven Jones


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