Celebrating 25 years of co-operation, Chickenshack

In the early 90’s I was living in Zimbabwe along with my friend Sue, we were studying and working in permaculture and setting the course for a life we hoped to live. I had ran away from UK to Africa for adventure, to learn and to escape Thatcher’s Britain. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, just what I didn’t want to do, all of that changed in Zimbabwe. I learned that Africa was always in some way gong to be part of my life, it had changed me and my life purpose and direction was to embed myself in the world of alternatives to planetary destruction. Permaculture is a path of regeneration and healing, and I decided to dedicate my life to that, without having an idea where it would take me.

By 1995 I was living in the Welsh mountains within a wider community, one that was very much committed to finding alternatives and different kinds of lifestyles. I learned about housing co-operatives through Radical Routes, joined the Permaculture Association and started working at the Centre for Alternative Technology, total immersion. 25 years later I am living in a different part of Wales, still in a co-op and working full time in permaculture education with the S39 Academy of Permaculture.

It has been an incredible journey and during that time I have taught on 42 Permaculture Design course, and counting as well as reconnecting to Africa, this time to Uganda where we are developing a network of demonstration and training hubs in Uganda and in 2 neighbouring countries.

Sector39 are based in Wales and teach permaculture design and co-ordinate permaculture education. We are currently developing the S39 Permaculture Academy. It is our conviction that permaculture design is one of the most powerful tools available to address the ecological catastrophe that is happening around us.

Can we empower people to become active enough to be the solution and not the cause of the problem? We believe this to be possible and this gives us great hope and a positive and creative direction to move forward in.

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