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dragons craft shop and co-operative in Llanrhaeadr ym mochnant, Powys, Wales
Dragons in Winter Solstice 2019/20. I photo-shopped in the blue sky for fun – it feels like it has been grey for months!

It has been an intense period of change at Dragons in 2019, whilst at the same time the co-op is finding its feet, its stability and its purpose. During this period of change Dragons has been in breech of contract in that we have been late filing our accounts and also we were due to pay loanstock interest payments in August and we are only able to do that now. We apologize for these failings and are working to rectify these things currently.

The Dragons gift shop has built up a fantastic volunteer team and is ticking along smoothly. Thanks to the hard work of Sue and Rosie a good solid pattern has evolved and this in turn has enabled others to join in and to develop a regular team and be open for regular hours.

The shop also extended its product range to include more Suma wholefood items, especially none perishable ones and our detergent refill service has proved popular as well

Good bye to Claire Henderson-Davies who was with us for nearly a year and who has taken up a new position in Liverpool. Claire was especially appreciated for covering for our other two members when they were working in Africa last year.

Her support enabled other members to take on huge challenges teaching permaculture in the one of the biggest refugee settlements in the world

Also to Grace Maycock, who as a founding member, house painter and decorator, treasurer and allotment co-coordinator, will be sorely missed. Grace also studied permaculture and horticulture during her time here and was a massive support to both Dragons co-op and Sector39 in their project work. We wish her well on future projects where she is taking her permaculture and teaching skills abroad for new challenges

Firstly we welcome Yossi Burland from Manchester who arrived with Luna the dog and who replaced Claire at the co-op. Yossi has interests in natural health, gardening and is here to study permaculture, walk the Welsh hills and to embrace co-operative life

Also Welcome to Andrew McConnagh, who attended a permaculture course here a couple of years ago, he is an artist exploring how to incorporate nature and natural forms in his work and is a teaching support worker also.

The co-op is currently comprised of three human members, two cats and a dog, it is also home to two enterprises, Dragons Shop and Sector39 permaculture.

Accounts and trading
Dragons has taken on a local accountancy firm to make sure we get back on top of our financial reporting and we also must thank Diana Allan who has been volunteering in the Sector39 office as a book keeper supporting both enterprises.

2018 was my personal busiest year ever, running a full EU funded education project here in UK. whilst also running a 7 month permaculture training proejct in Uganda as well a big PDC. This coupled with changes of membership and also the nature of EU funding has caused many stresses and strains on cash flow, staffing and also relegated the co-op to low down on the list of priorities. It has been recognised by the co-op as a whole that we need to do better and we will be focusing on this in 2020.

Thanks to Banksy for reminding us that not everyone is free to visit their families
Thanks to Banksy for reminding us that not everyone is free to visit their families

Nadolig Llawen
Yes its that time again, with best wishes to all of our members, supporters, investors, friends and fellow co-operatives for the festive season and looking forward to a year of peace, prosperity and climate action.

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