Eco friendly update @ Dragons Shop

As promised in last month’s Chronicle, we are now trialling the supply of washing up and laundry liquids to customers who re-use their own containers. Dragons is eager to promote the reduction of single use plastic containers which is a world-wide crisis presently under scrutiny in the media.

Simply bring along old plastic bottles and we will fill them with Ecoleaf products at an introductory offer price of £1.90 per litre for washing up liquid and £2.80 p/l for laundry liquid.

We are also happy to announce that we are now selling all of our Eco Friendly, Organic and Fair Trade items at significantly less that than their Recommended Retail Price (RRP) so you can buy your favourite products easily and cheaply without having to trail all the way into town….and that in turn will reduce pollution – so a win-win result all round!!  

Dragons aims to be guided by our customers so please tell us what eco-friendly, organic or fair-trade items you would like to be able to buy locally and, if there is sufficient interest, we will do our best to meet the demand.

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