Invest in a co-operative future with 4% returns

Investment opportunity: Dragons co-operative is offering up to £12,000 loanstock investment at 4% interest per annum.

Housing co-operatives such as Dragons are often at least part funded with loanstock, a relatively low-interest loan secured against a property and paid annually from rental income.

This opportunity has come about as two of our initial investors who supported our launch in 2015 with short-term loans are now looking for new investors to replace them.

Loanstock is a widely recognised and secure method of targeting investment towards social enterprises. It does it in a way that bi-passes banks and mainstream financial institutions that increasingly don’t represent the interests of either investors or borrowers.

Here at Dragons we are passionate about the possibilities of community led initiatives, tenant managed housing and other forms of local enterprise. As well as providing tenant managed housing in rural Wales we support other groups to form new co-ops and enterprises and support local artisans and artists via our retail outlet in Llanrhaeadr.

All investments are supported by official paperwork provided by Catalyst Collective and Radical Routes.

Dragons Co-operative have 21 years experience in the housing co-operative sector.

Please contact us directly for more information if you are interested.

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