Invest in co-operation

invest in co-operatives

Dragons aims to raise £12,000 loanstock by the end of 2020.

£3,000 to replace an existing investor and £9,000 new loanstock, offered at 2-4% to invest in essential roof improvements to the house. As custodians of a 400 year old build we are coming to terms with our long-term responsibilities to the building.

With bank rates at an historic low (< 1%), it has never been a better time to invest in the social economy. Borrowing money even from ethical banks is still expensive, they have to make their margin too, and as a small enterprise we can be charged up to 7% for new loans or 5% for a mortgage, so private investors can benefit from this disparity.

You may choose your own interest rate (up to 4%), to get this fantastic rate you are only required to commit for three years minimum.  Withdrawal is by negotiation – the larger the sum to more notice is required. There is a fully legal contract supplied and your loan is secured against the value of the house, so it is risk free. The co-op is contracted to pay an annual interest payment, usually on the same day each year.

Contact us directly if you would like to know more about this great investment scheme!

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The roof facing us us is desperate need of some tlc, removing the slares, replacing any damaged batons and adding
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