Its dividend time – loanstock interest has been paid

Dragons loanstock investers of 2 years ago are about to receive their interest payments this week! As Dragons enters its third year of trading it is hard to believe so much time has flown by already!

Our co-operative funded the purchase of its first property by raising inestment from individuals as loanstock at 4% interest. We pay out interest annually at this time of year from income raised from rent from the shop, office and the co-op tenants.

We also have a mortgange from Triodos bak for the majority but the loanstock is a cheaper and more flexible loan for the coop, allowing us to keep rents lower and more affordable. ritically as well we were required to raise 30% of the value of the property in this form to eenable to raise the mortgage, so this has been essential for the co-ops development.

Its a secure investment at a really great return that creates new opportunites in the community. What is there not to like about that? Dragons enters its third year with a clear sense of the challlenges and opportunities before us whilst also growing in confidence with the foundation of our first two years of trading eastablished.

Please get in touch with us if you interested in investing, we currently have £5,000 of investment available via our buy back scheme.



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