Management meeting April 2016

  1. Dragons Co-operative Business Meetings

Agenda and proposals prepared by Steve,

Notice to all members, we have a legal requirement to hold a minimum of 4 business meetings per year, as set out in our rules and to the FCA. We do need to have a formal structure in place to ensure this happens. This requirement is in our primary rules.

• Meetings can be hard to plan at short notice and for everyone’s convenience so I have suggested from the outset that these dates are planned in advance and the dates adhered to.

• I also wish to remind everyone that at management meetings we are acting collectively as a socially responsible landlord, and we need to consider finances and proposals from the perspective of Landlord and our legal obligations to the Bank and FCA.

• As tenants we are welcome to submit proposals to meetings in advance for consideration and discussion.

• New proposals can only become active once consensus has been reached at a general meeting.

Co-op rules and guidelines:
Notes on Dragons Secondary Rules

• Dragons co-operative’s secondary rules state that we are committed to the principles of co-operation and those of permaculture. These are set out on our website. The rules offer a structure, values and process of how we agree to move the co-op forward.

It is a frame work to constantly evaluate the co-op allowing it to grow and evolve

• 100% commitment to recycling, waste reduction and ethical purchasing where ever possible.

• A commitment to using non-toxic and organic methods where ever possible.

• Buying services from environmentally responsible agents and companies where ever we can. Good Energy, Triodos Bank, Suma whole foods

• Where possible we also seek to use fair trade and ethically sourced products when buying non local goods

• Constant re-investment of surplus into cost reduction, energy efficiency and income development.


1: Rolling Meeting Schedule

i) Proposal is to follow this pattern from now onwards

• April Thursday 21st 7.30 pm.

• July Thursday 21st 7.30 pm

• October Thursday 20th 7.30

• January 2017 Thursday 19th 7.30 pm

ii: Limit maximum meeting time to 120 mins and agree to schedule subsequent meetings if required.

iii: We also agree to hold regular management meetings, to investingate particular issues, or as directed by the Business meeting.

2) Permaculture Design Course
The PDC produced a well reasoned and thought through design and could be a useful framework for developing our ideas about how we use the space and resources of the co-op to their best advantage.

• I propose we begin our deliberations on the exploring the next level of potentials by working with the output of hat process.

• The co-op should put aside some time and space to talk through ideas creatively and supportively.

Minutes of meeting

Chair: Steve

Present Andrea and Sue


  1. Andrea is planning to leave and is giving three month notice to quit. Date not confirmed yet.
  2. Re meetings,  noted we need more regular management meetings.
  3. Meeting schedule approved, clear notification needs, notice board, website and more

New Proposals:

  1. We commit to a series of management meetings look at investment, development plans post PDC.
  2. Evaluate the possibility of extending mortgage or loan stock to invest in business facilities and upgrade of the ty bach.
  3. Can Andrea make a report on rent, bills and trajectory timespan for leaving.
  4. We need a plan to recruit a new member

Management meeting Minutes 23 June

Sue and Steve present, agree to above plan and agree to meet Next Thursday to report on progress made.

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