Mondragon Cyrmu – a vision for the post carbon world

The invitation letter is Above
Sorry for so many words, I think there is much at stake and therefore we need to think this through in advance.

This is a time for big ambition and long term thinking as the global economy hits the re-set button; what good examples are there that we can learn from? Well here is a really good one, Mondragon. It is the biggest most successful co-operative in the World I believe and is in the Basque country in Spain. There are of a size that they have their own bank and university, outside of the capitalist for-profit system and have integrated together 100’s of business in every sector, retail, manufacturing, you name it.

It is regionally based, so it concentrates itself on meeting the needs of the Basque community drawing largely on the resources and skills of the region. There is no better explanation that I know this than the one presented by Prof Richard Wolf in the lecture below.

He sets out the economic ground rules gives an up to date overview of where socialism is now in the 21st century.

This powerful lecture gives a clear indication of the way forward
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History matters, so it is worth thinking about the impact of previous pandemics and how they reshaped the economies of the time
If we are to re-boot the economy what kind of economy are we trying to create?
Newtown community horticulture space, the root that created Cae Bodfach Llanafyllin

Mondragon Cymru?

More background on co-operatives, this is time a meeting with Robert Owen, originator of the first ever mutual company and the 7 cor principles of co-operation, the bedrock which all co-ops around the world have in common.

Slideshow will download as a PDF and you may stream the audio track to go with it from below. – this is S39’s main public lecture on co-ops and serves a good introduction to the core principles and why.

Co-operative principles and origins and the vision for Dragons co-op 40 mins

Watch the videos, to understand the proposal you have to have the foundation stone concepts in place already, Prof Wolfe explains basic concepts of economic theory that underpin co-operatives better than i ever could. You may also see the S39 presentation co-op principles above, supplorted the above audio track

The second video puts the pandemic into an historical context, they have happened before and we can begin to see the patterns and what might come next.

The third video explores the nature of the kind of economic recovery we have to make. How can we make this is in line with our co-operative and permaculture principles and ethics? The proposal under development this week is outlining how we might successfully build on the work we have achieved together over the last 25 years to collaboratively create a future that works for all of us.

I added a slide show of Cultivate which Yossi and I went to visit recently and caught in all its spring glory. This is a 3 acre horticulture hub developed by Sector39 and Cwm Harry between 2010 and 2015. This project also is what planted the seeds that is now Cae Bodfach.

Thursday’s Zoom meeting will open to all who want to better understand this proposal. We will be inviting the Wales Co-op society and other members of our wider stakeholder group as well. The presentation will be recorded and re-posted here so that any one who missed it, or couldn’t figure out the technology can view again in their own time.

Key point at this stage we are developing the overall proposal and looking at the bigger picture, am deliberately trying to avoid becoming bogged down in details at this point, all that is to come. The proposal launched on 14th May is available below.

This is the recording of the live presentation

Thank you to everyone for joining us on our co-operative journey!

I honestly believe we can help shape the world by committing strongly to a common and ambitious vision, such as this

Steven Jones, Sector39/ Dragons co-op
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