New member recruitment

owenWe have had a steady stream of interest from the Diggers and Dreamers advert we posted and have now selected a potential new member for the co-operative.

Thanks for the interest, this has made us a think a lot. There are not enough opportunities such as the one we are offering, and co-ops and interested parties should work together to create more.We are een to hear form people wanting to join or start new co-operatives and aim to help people achieve this as nest we can,

There has been much learning since we started our first co-op 21 years ago and here at  Dragons we are keen to share that learning and to reach out to other interested people.

  • We are happy to offer free introductory talks and answer questions to people interested in starting their own co-ops.
  • Beyond that we can help write business plans, help with rules, registrations and can chair and facilitate meetings for your group.
  • We offer training and consultation in permaculture design, group work and consensus decision-making at competitive and affordable rates.
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