Permaculture is central to our thinking and planning at Dragons co-operative. We work to improve on local biodiversity and community activities by studying and learning from nature.

S39 publication: Small and Slow Solutions, permaculture in school and community

Dragons is also home to Sector39 Permaculture,  who are based in the office above the Dragons Shop. Sector39 are developing the S39 Permaculture Academy, developing an active network of teachers and project leaders who have trained with the team.

S39 produced their first text book in 2019 in anticipation of the beginning of the 30 year implementation of the Paris Agreement and our rapid 3-decade transition to a zero carbon economy. Click on the image to download a copy, please consider donating to S39 academy if you are able.

sector39, permaculture, Uganda
Sector39 training team in field at Numaanzi refugee training centre, Uganda
banner and link for the S39 Permaculture Academy
Visit the S39 Permaculture Academy

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