Small and Slow Solutions


Produced by One School One Planet this is a handbook to help both schools and community face the climate change challenge

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I believe this book to be the best introduction to Permaculture around at the moment. Classics by the likes of Graham Bell, Patrick Whitfield and Graham Burnett are classics of their time. This new book takes advantage of the internet in a way that was not possible when these classics were written. There are several signposts out to resources on the net that can be trusted as they are signposted by experienced Permaculture practitioners.

In good open learning style there are several activities to enhance further learning and several case studies including How to create a community garden based on a community garden instigated and developed by the authors.

The style is easy to read supported by high quality photographs and the contents are organised around the ethics and Holmgren’s 12 principles each getting a chapter showing the application of that principle.

I would recommend this to anybody interested in knowing more about Permaculture; both the theory and the practice.

Jon Kean

Long time member of the Permaculture Association Education Working Group and previously a trustee.

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