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Semi precious stones from Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka

Rose quartz crystals at Dragons co-op

Rose quartz crystals at Dragons co-op

This collection of crystals, semi precious stones and minerals came to us from a dear friend, healer and inspiration: Peter Hough.

Peter was born In Zimbabwe and lived in Africa and UK for much of his life, he practiced as an energy healer for many years, helping a great many people in that time.

Peter died in a house fire, along with his brother Kevin 6 years ago in South Africa. Peter’s brother Kevin, who perished with him was a leading artist in Zimbabwe and via his mutual friend Graham Metlerkamp, Kevin was the person who first introduced me to permaculture.

These stones are part of Peter’s legacy, I held onto them for many years, whilst wondering what I could best do with them, in keeping as to how they had come to me.

Peter saw these stones as a symbolic connection to the powerful forces that shaped our world and the energies that shape our lives. He used them to aide visualizations and meditations on energy and healing, maybe you just see them as pretty, maybe one stands out for you, or represents something completely different to what Peter saw, no matter, they find themselves here as a result of a long series of co-incidences and whatever they mean to you, the series of synchronicity and hap hazard events continues with you reading this notice! Enjoy.

Make us an offer!

Prices are flexible, we want these stones to find their right homes and at the same time we want to generate revenue to support Dragons in their work to spread co-operatives and permaculture in Wales and Africa, so please pay what to you feels a fair price, ours are only guidelines.

Steven Jones


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